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Can I use StoryCorps Gmail account to login?

It is recommended to use StoryCrops Gmail account to login as you will be able to integrate some features between Asana and Gmail. 


What if I accidentally delete something?

I cannot find a Project, help!

If you have the Project’s ID it is no problem.

If not, consider reaching out to the person who deleted the project as he/she should have received an email containing the Project’s ID along with instructions to recover it automatically. Please ask them to contact us and provide the Project’s ID.

If you happened to delete it please send us the following:

  • The name of the Workspace or Organization where the Project lived
  • The URL of any Task that was in the Project (you can likely find this in an old email notification for the Task).
How do I recover a Task or a Subtask?
  • Try to find the task in Search – maybe it’s still active or perhaps it has been moved to your deleted items.

  • If it’s definitely deleted, check Deleted Tasks or ask the person who accidentally deleted it to check.

Contact us if you have no success in restoring the Task or Project.

How can I change my Time Zone in Asana?

Asana determines this based on your IP address and changes it by default. The time zone is set automatically every time you use the product, so if you go on vacation or abroad and your computer time zone changes, so will the timezone in Asana.

What about email reminders?

It is currently not possible to change the time settings for emails. As it stands, they are based on the PST time zone (Pacific Standard Time). This is 8 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

How do I change the Calendar view so Monday is the first day of the week?

f you would like to adjust your Calendar view so Monday is the first day of the week, access your profile settings, navigate to the Display tab and then select Monday in the dropdown.

Where can I add text links in Asana?

You can add a link to a Task description through the Insert link button and in Task Comment through the rich text button.

What happens to someone's tasks if they leave the company?

In free Organizations and Workspaces

Tasks and Projects that the former employee held as private will no longer be viewable. Tasks that were public or were associated with a shared Project will remain accessible but may become unassigned.

In a Premium Organization

A Private Project will be created for the Administrator containing both public and private tasks previously assigned to the former employee.

Can they still see comments

Comments the former employee made on Tasks will still be visible on both tiers but their profile photo will be gone and their name will not be clickable.

Deprovisioned employees will no longer see your company’s Workspace or Organization in the topbar of their Asana account and will no longer have access to its Projects and Tasks.

What can a Guest outside of the organization access?

Guests have limited access to the Organization and only see what is explicitly shared with them.

  • If you share a task with them; they will only see that task.
  • If you share a project with them; they will see that project and all tasks within that project.
  • If you invite them to a Team; they will see all public projects within that Team, providing they’ve been added as a team member.
  • Guest cannot create or own Rules, but they can trigger Rules.

Organization Guests will have access to all paid features in an Organization or team they’re invited to. However they are unable to create, edit or delete Custom Fields or search for them using the Advanced Search tool. They will only be able to input or edit the values of existing Custom Fields.